C. E. Stokes Artist and Writer
C. E. Stokes Artist and Writer

Who is C. E. Stokes?

C. E. Stokes is the pseudonym for an aspiring writer living in Mountville, Pennsylvania. She loves writing about our ordinary world with touches of magic and other creatures living right under our noses. 

I attended college and recieved a Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Bloomsburg Univeristy with a minor in Mandarin Chinese.  Messed around in Shenyang for six months, studying the language in the morning and teaching English to college freshman in the afternoons.  

Back state-side, the whole starving artist thing didn't work for me because I'm a foodie at heart.  Work several various jobs, trying to find out what I wanted to do.  Moved around to different states trying to find out where I belonged only to end up back in Pennsylvania.  

And that's just a hint of things I've done and seen.  


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