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Spooky Season with a touch of Nanowrimo

Nanowrimo starts on Tuesday! I'm prepped and ready to go. I plan on working to the sequel of my novel, Regaining Faith. I have a blast with these characters and I'm looking forward to sketching out a solid base for book two.


Many people have mixed feelings about Nanowrimo. For those of you living in a bunker for the past decade or so, let me explain. Nanowrimo is a personal challenge to write 50,000 words in one month. It happens every November. The website, Nanowrimo.org, has lots of ways to prep a novel, active chat rooms and even buddies to keep a writer motivated. It's also a great charity that promotes many programs to encourage creative writing.


Some people love it, some people hate it and I've even met a few who are on the fence about it. I enjoy Nanowrimo. I usually do it with a bunch of people from my online writing group and we have a blast competing with each other to finish our 50 thousand words. Nanowrimo helps me focus on getting through a story and helps me shut off my inner editor.


Curse that inner voice that tells me everything is wrong!


Anyway, I look forward to Nanowrimo every year and this year is no different.


I'm winding up on the final rounds of edits for Regaining Faith. I'm already working on a query letter. I've even started posting it for critiques and received some great advice to help me narrow down my focus. Next up, the synopsis.


When I need a break from Stephen and Ash, I turn to a completely different novel-in-progress, Job Opportunities. The main character Rudy is very different from the cast of Regaining Faith. It's a nice break when I need to get away from edits!


Happy Halloween and Happy Nanowrimo, people! Get writing!

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