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**New Review added August 7! Check it out.  Another one coming in a few days because I can't put Pysco Killers in Love down.**


Advice often heard from writers is to read while you write. It seems many aspiring writiers tend to focus on writing and ignore this advice. I believe that reading is just as important as writing. Because of this belief, I've decided to read and review books. It's my way to show that I am still reading, even with critiqueing and writing. I've added a new section to showcase the books I'm currently reading. I'll post the reviews, along with a link to the review on goodreads.com. 


Speaking of writing, I'm still plugging away at edits for "Regaining Faith".  I'm editing the middle section and hacking away at some dead weight and compacting scenes. The finished edits are keeping the pace of the novel strong. I'm very excited about the edits. I spent the weekend rereading the novel and am happy with the direction its going. Yes, there will be a sequel, which is tenatively outlined and several scenes written. THese characters have too much to say for just one novel. 

My Novella, "Job Opportunities" has hit a speed bump. I'm not giving up on the project, but its not moving as fast as I'd hoped. I've also got the basic outline for a new novel. The story doesn't have a title yet, but its shaping up to have a romantic subplot. Yikes. I've never been good with romance, but we'll see how this goes. 

No word on the stories out for submission, but hopefully I'll hear something soon- good or bad. 

Keep Writing, and don't forget to read, too!

July 6, 2020




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