C. E. Stokes Artist and Writer
C. E. Stokes Artist and Writer

I'm Back Baby!

Finally got back online after some password problems. It took forever, but the important thing is, I'm back! 

Good news for 2019!

Two fiction pieces are making their appearance in early 2019. The first "Capturing Pawns" is a short piece about Richard and his final chess game. 

The second, "Opening Moves", shows a man observing the people around him as if they were pieces in his chess game. 

Cracked Nuts

"Cracked Nuts" is a 12,000 word story set in the world of my novel "Regaining Faith". It is completed and now I'm working on getting it out there. See how the main characters Stephne and Ash meet and team up to save the little girl, Suzanne. 

My Novel is almost done!

Goals for 2019 is to finish the final edits on "Regaining Faith" and start querying. I know I said that last year, but this goal is set. By March, there will be no more excuses. Letters will be sent, rejections will be recieved. It's time to move forward!

If you want details on my novel, follow me on Twitter where details about this story come out. 


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