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C. E. Stokes Artist and Writer

Where's the new reviews? March 7, 2021

    For the past few months, I’ve found myself re-reading old favorites. Books I’ve loved, and have found permanent homes on my bookshelves. While I have been reading, I have not reviewed any of these books. 


    And many of them are far from perfect. There’s problems in many of them that if I stop to think about would lower my review. 


    I don’t want that. These books are old friends. Comfortable, welcoming and amusing. To think about them analytically would ruin the way I think about them. It would be like criticizing an old friend who’s been there for decades. 


    Maybe I should talk about why these particular books mean so much to me. People may disagree, but that’s not really the point. The books I love, the ones I turn to time and time again, don’t have to be universally adored. They have their issues, like any other book. But for me, I can overlook that. Some days, the comfort of rereading a favorite book (or series) is like spending time with old friends. Somedays, there’s nothing in the world that I need more than that warm comfort. 


    Other news. Still plowing away on Regaining Faith. “Job Opportunities” is almost completed as a rough draft (only thirty more drafts to go! LOL) I’m working on some short stories as well. I didn’t submit any last year because I wanted to focus on the longer pieces. This year I want to get some of my stories back out there. 


    Until then, I’m reading and writing. With luck, I’ll have some news soon. 

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