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C. E. Stokes Artist and Writer

I'm Back Baby!

This time I did it. I got the password for this webpage and taped the D@mn thing to my laptop. I won't lose it again.


Being stuck at home because of Corona virus sucks. But it has given me time to plow through edits for Regaining Faith. I've also started some serious rewrites for Job Opportunities. I'm cutting it down to a Novelette and the story is already much tighter. My critique group seems to like it, so I have hopes that its worth continuing!


Regaining Faith has been through two rounds of critiques, in two different places so I'm hoping that this is it for Stephen and Ash's story. As of now, I'm up to chapter 15 of edits (out of 32) and I'm slicing and reworking like crazy.


With everything going on, I'm hoping to finish some shorts and send them out to publishers. I have one story that I am very proud of, but haven't found a home for. I'm debating on posting it here, and maybe starting several short stories about her adventures. I still think there's something out there for this character, so I'll let you know.


Hope everyone is being safe! Keep on writing!


May 3, 2020

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