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C. E. Stokes Artist and Writer

Nanowrimo 2020

**New review added November 8th! Check it out. **


Nanowrimo is well and truly underway. I'm plowing through my project, vomiting words on the page to gain traction in my slagging word count. I know I'll be editing this one very heavily, so the quality right now doesn't matter. Besides, it helps me flesh out ideas and characters. I enjoy doing Nanowrimo every year even if I don't always win.

I'm working on a novellete called Job Opportunities as well. I've hit some road bumps with one section and I feel like I'm spending too much time reworking it. That's slowed down that story's progress. It also seems to be growing, so I might be looking at another Urban Fantasy novel, not just a novellte. Oh, well, we'll see how Rudy's story goes.


I'm still editing "Regaining Faith" and focusing on polishing it for querying. I've also started messing around with a sequel. Ash and Stephen still have goals that need accomplished, and they don't get everything done in book 1.



Keep Writing, and don't forget to read, too!

October 18, 2020




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