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New Stories Forthcoming!

Finally, a new book review! Check out the tab above to see my thoughts on "Where the Crawdads Sing" by Delia Owens. 

Legends of the Night "Bloodlust; Drabble collection" is out and available where ever you buy books. I've got two short vampire stories in there, "Stranger's Meeting" and "Night's End". Bloodlust is the third in Black Ink Fictions Drabble collections. The third one, "Reaper Man" is forthcoming, and my story "Banshee's Omen" will be in it. I can't wait to see the other Drabbles in this deadly collection. 

"Unheard Melody" found a home! My most recent short story, about a girl trying to prove to her family that she is one of them, despite her handicap, is one that my critique group enjoyed. I've run it through two different critique groups, and recieved helpful and positive feedback. After submitting it for the past year, "Unheard Melody" found a home in Black Ink Fiction's Legends of the Night short story anthology! (publication date TBD). After seeing the lovely work in there drabble series, I'm excited to see how this anthology looks. 

Edits are moving forward on "Regaining Faith". I've started working on my query letter and synopsis. While I think I've still got several months until the last round of critiques are done, I'm approaching a point where there's no where left to go. I can't put it off anymore, it's time to start submitting to agents. The thought is terrifying. 

Of course, "Regaining Faith" isn't my only novel in progress. "Job Opportunities" has hit a snag, but I have hopes that some brainstorming will continue my slacker Grim Reaper story. My fairy girl story is still moving forward, and the bare bones of Karina, Eve and Owen's story are almost complete. Now I've got to flesh out the story and give it a lot more details. 

It feels good to be back to work writing. I've taken over my live writing group, and am thrilled to work with other aspiring authors to better our work. Writing is fluid, and there's always room to grow a story. 

Keep writing, and keep reading. 



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