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C. E. Stokes Artist and Writer

Looking Back

2021 winds to a close. It's been an odd year. I feel like I've been running on a treadmill-not getting anywhere. Yet I have. I've had several stories published. Most recently "Unheard Melody" in an anthology in the "Legends of the Night" series. My story "Cracked Nuts" took a silver honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest.

I've finished the rough draft of the sequel to Regaining Faith. I have plans for 2022, and it helps to see where I've been.

The holidays are a busy time. Every year, I volunteer to do Thanksgiving for the family. Cooking dinner for fifteen people isn't a chore. But then again, I love showing off my culinary skills. Thanksgiving focuses on family and food, what's not to love? Now we're days away from Christmas, and I'm counting down the minutes until it's done. I've made the cookies, I've sang the carols, and I've wrapped the presents. I"m looking forward to the day after Christmas when I can sit on the couch and eat some Stilton.

I have writing goals for 2022. I've been focused on edits for Regaining Faith, while diving in to beginning edits for the sequel, In Good Faith. There's edits, and queries to write, plus I want to write some short stories. I've got to keep that resume current, especially if I have plans to query agents.

The hardest part about thinking about publishing is social media. I'm having trouble forming a social media presence. How does an Introvert create a platform when connecting online is stomach-clenching. Somehow I've got to make Twitter or Reddit, or something work for me. (just not Facebook. It seems to be all baby's and people trying to convince me their lives are perfect!) Maybe I can Tiktok my way onto social media...

Anyway, I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday! May it be filled with healthy family gatherings, much love, presents and yummy food! Be safe, have fun and keep writing!




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